Honouring the Oak

Event Details

Venue: The Honor Oak Pub
Time: 8pm –  10.30pm

Deptford Wives are a local four piece with artist /singer Edori Fertig at the helm bringing a New York style to classic soul and blues covers while her original lyrics chart a wry and dry course through the perils of modern life. Accompanied by twangy guitarist Pete Davies and a soulful rhythm section with Jim McAllister on bass and Ben Joseph on percussion. The PGs are Mary Currie, Alison Craig and Sean O’Hagan , a local SE London trio that defy easy pigeon-holing. The “PGs” set reflects the band’s broad musical tastes ,and a exploratory, often light hearted, frequently quirky approach to their song arrangements. The PGs have been headhunted back by the Honor Oak pub, for their second appearance at the Brockley Max , while the Deptford Wives are making their debut at the festival.

8-9pm ” Jock n Doris” with Andy Clark, and The PGs with Sean O’Hagan

9-10pm The Deptford Wives

10- 11pm The Substitutes

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