55 MA  

Event Details

This event finished on 10 June 2023

Venue: Anglican Chapel, Nunhead Cemetery
Time: 3.30pm –  6.30pm

For this exhibition curated by Olivia Grace Middelboe, local artist Urte Janus creates a series of sculptures that will respond to the immediate environment of the cemetery by reacting to temperature, humidity and light. 55 MA refers to 55 million years ago when the primary sediment holding the cemetery and the chapel – London clay – was deposited at the bottom of a warm tropical sea covering the whole city. . She invites the visitors to travel in time and feel different time scales that the chapel holds. In her art expression, Urte sees the landscape of the Nunhead Cemetery as not only a resting place for many but also a memorial for an ancient ecosystem that paved the way for our existence. Exhibition will be on display until 31st of June.

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