BMax Roving Review #1:

By Robert Cole, 28may22

It’s all kicking off. Under hot Friday sun and a warm evening sky, Brockley Max took to the streets by the train station for six hours of drumming, strumming, synthing and singing.

The Molotovs by Orin Beaton

Eleven bands – all extraordinary in their own ways – played. Yet the stars of the show, for me at least, were the hundreds of neighbours who were so obviously enjoying themselves.

The venue, watched over by the Marley mural on Coulgate Street, became the beating heart of Brockley. Fittingly enough, the oh-so pure Heart of Steel was first up. In the heat, the Dishevelled Peaches looked a little more poached than untidy. That said, their carefully melodic ska was anything but untidy.

Harimau, Phoenix Raven and Glasxs brought delicacy, Grace Savage beat-boxed clever with almost impossible technical skill. Ramfunk (hat-tip guitar and sax) gave depth and Bring the Angels height (especially in the vocals). The Molotovs upped the pace to blistering while Palindrones gave breadth and Yaaba Funk closed the show with everyone wanting more.

Everyone will get more over the next week as Brockley Max 2022, booted and suited for its 21st birthday, marches its way through music and spoken word events, workshops and kids’ stuff; galleries, gardens and parties.

Let’s do this.


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