Brockley Max 2019: what were your highlights?

We’re approaching the end of November and have been plunged into the bitter cold of late autumn so it’s heartwarming to look back at the glorious sunshine and fantastic sense of community that was evident during this year’s Brockley Max festival.

From the uplifting energy of the opening night street party down by Brockley station to the all-day family festival we call Art In The Park via nearly 80 events over 9 days, Brockley Max 2019 really was a celebration of the best of our part of south-east London.

What’s so special?

As we plan and fundraise for Brockley Max 2020 it seemed a great time to repost this video of the heady days of this year’s festival. Music, laughter, drama, art shows, dance, photography, local history talks and walks – even our own festival beer. Brockley Max had it all.

If you’ve never been to Brockley Max before, the video below (*) will give you an idea of what it’s all about; and if you’re a festival regular perhaps you’ll spot yourself in the crowd.

* If the video fails to play, please press the pop out button in the top right corner.

We’d love to know what you think makes our beloved community arts festival so special – and what sort of events you’d like to see at next year’s Brockley Max. If you’d like to help, sign up to our mailing list for festival updates and, if you can, email us with a sentence or so we can use to tell sponsors and funding organisations what you love about Brockley Max.

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