Take part in our photo exhibition

Going to Brockley Max events and want to take part in a collective, digital and interactive photography exhibition to record the festival history in images? Here’s how…

Brockley Max is staging an interactive exhibition of images taken Brockley Max events over the years. We’ve called it Look Back and Interact. We’d love you to submit your photos taken at events you are attending this year. It’s really simple – when you’re at an event, just take a couple of pix on your phone or camera and send them to us in the way that is easiest for you:

  • If you use Twitter or Instagram, post your images to your own account, tag @brockleymax in your tweet and tell us which event you’re at.
  • Alternatively, upload photos  from your phone, tablet or computer to our Look Back Interact photo submissions folder in Google Drive. If you’ve got a Google Drive app you can drag and drop them into the folder. Please caption the images with your name and drop them into the named folder for the event you went to. Once you’re in the Look Back Interact photo submissions folder please navigate to the particular event’s sub-folder and drop your photo(s) in there.
  • If you prefer, you can email your photos to info@brockleymax.co.uk. Please caption your snaps with your name and the name of the event you went to and we’ll do the rest.

How are your pictures going to be used?

The exhibition Look Back and Interact will be on show at the Ladywell Gallery. It will feature images from past and present festivals (such as the two from 2012 shown below) and festival-goers can vote for the best photo ever taken at a Brockley Max event.

We’ve taken lots of photos of the festival and its events over the years too, and we’ve decided it’s time to put them on show and share them with you. The photos reflect our local area, what we like about it and how it’s changing. We’d love you to join in and be part of creating this exhibition by and about our community.

Using a Wii games console, you’ll be able to browse through the images, exploring the sights and spectacles over 14 years of Brockley Max festival, including photos being taken at this year’s events as they happen – you may even find pictures of yourself in there somewhere!

Everyone who visits the exhibition will be able ‘favourite’ the photos they like the most and, at the end of the festival we’ll have a ‘top 10’ of the most popular photos as chosen by everyone who visits the exhibition.

Photos from previous Brockley Max festivals

If you have photos of past Brockley Max festivals you’d like to share we would love to add them to the collection. Please send us your scans or digital originals by one of the methods above. Please caption them with your name and the year they were taken before submitting them.

Some photos we have of past festivals don’t currently have photographer attributions and you may see photos you have taken in the past at the interactive exhibition. If you spot one you believe you took, please note the photo ID number shown on the screen and let us know it’s one of yours. We’ll be happy add your name to it. We’ll also be happy to remove your photo from the exhibition if you’d prefer it weren’t used.

Permission to use your photos

When you send us your photos via Twitter, Instagram or email or by saving them into the Look Back Interact photo submissions folders, you are giving us permission to use the images in this exhibition, which is open to the public for viewing. Photos received via Twitter or Instagram will be attributed to the @username of the submitter unless otherwise specified in their tweet.

We may also contact you in future to ask if we may use your image(s) in any publicity material for Brockley Max festival in future years. Publicity material may include (but is not limited to) – press releases, websites, Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram (and any other social media accounts we may operate), the festival programme of events (printed or in digital format), promotional flyers etc. We promise Max Media Arts Ltd and Brockley Max festival will not use your images for financial gain (but we may want to include them in publicity for fundraising purposes, to enable the Brockley Max festival to be staged).

The person who took the photo holds the copyright to their image (that’s you!). Therefore Brockley Max will always seek permission from you to use your images for any other purposes outside their display in the interactive exhibition. If you need further reassurance or have any questions about how Max Media Arts Ltd/Brockley Max may use your photographs please email festival director moira@brockleymax.co.uk.

Children's Activities at Art In The Park

Children’s Activities at Art In The Park

Cardboard City at Leander Centre, Deptford

Cardboard City: Venice Allan & Ruby Radburn with Brockley Design Project for Brockley Max 2012
Leander Centre, Ship Street, Deptford, London SE8 4DH