Up-Cycle Surgery

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Wayne Perrey from @theDIYDoersClub is teaming up with Zoe Pocock from @Muck N Brass to bring @Brockley Max’s first Up-Cycle Surgery.

Wayne Perrey’s TV credits include @the Great Interior Design Challenge, @tatoofixers, and @this Morning. Zoe Pocock spent 15 years working in the fashion and beauty industry before she turned her love of design and passion for up-cycling into the wildly fantastic @Muck N Brass. Together they will show you how to paint, paper, upholster, saw, and drill your way to something fantastic. Bring a broken, unloved, or outdated piece of furniture and Wayne & Zoe will show you how to use the tools of the trade to resuscitate it. Watch out, when this workshop is over you might find yourself at the tip looking for new projects! No booking required.

Up-Cycle Surgery

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