Folk Upstairs

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Four men with guitars! Four singer songwriters supreme! Jason McNiff– Heaps of praise for distinctive songs and guitar playing on five albums, There’s a new career anthology, “Rain Dries The Eyes” Dan Raza – Classic first album produced in Brockley by Charlie Hart. Equally impressive second album out now. Dan’s last appearance in these quarters before a road trip in America. Ceri James – Established favourites and a couple of new songs! Ceri’s last album, “St. Augustine’s Heart”, highly recommended! Damien Renouf – local hero, has just released his first full album, “The Crooked Pear Tree Hill’.

Jason McNiff - The Folk Upstairs

Dan Raza - The Folk Upstairs

Ceri James - The Folk Upstairs

Damien Renouf - The Folk Upstairs

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