Brockley Boogie Woogie

Event Details

This event finished on 08 June 2024

Venue: The Royal George Pub
Times vary:
Friday 31st May: 6pm  – 11pm 
Saturday 1st June: 12pm – 11pm
Sunday 2nd June: 12pm – 10:30pm
Tuesday 4th June: 4pm – 11pm
Wednesday 5th June: 4pm – 11pm
Thursday 6th June: 12pm – 11pm
Friday 7th June: 12pm – 11pm
Saturday 8th June: 12pm – 11pm

Brockley Boogie Woogie is a dual exhibition by two local artists, Lucinda Purkis and Gabrielle Bejani. The two artists are exhibiting expansive collages reflecting on the soothing nature of the friendship fostered around pints. They see pubs as places of joyful connections where healing fellowships are created. They celebrate this local communion and pay homage to the power of community. Purkis drawings and textile collages form an assemblage of vibrance and pictorial splendour, with a sequence of local and mythical characters dancing through the space. Gabrielle Bejani has embellished a window with a paper collage giving a stain glass effect.

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