How to put on an Event at Brockley Max

The Brockley Max festival takes place in venues across Brockley, Ladywell, Crofton Park and Honor Oak over a nine-day period from 1st-9th June 2018.

Requests for putting on an event for 2018 is now closed.

Brockley Max 2018 will kick off with an afternoon and evening of live music, singing and dance at our Opening Night down by Brockley station from 4pm to 10.30pm on Friday 1 June.

On Saturday 9 June we convene on Hilly Fields for our Art In The Park family day featuring children’s art workshops, a live stage, a craft market, performances, food stalls and a bar.

The rest of the events are up to you. This year, we want to work better with our venues & event organisers so that Brockley Max continues to raise its standards. We are also making the festival more bespoke, by having fewer events but which will achieve the following:
– greater potential for a larger audience at your event
– more time to promote your event
– enable better scheduling of the programme to minimise clashes.

As long as it’s something that people in the area can enjoy – and there’s an element of art or creativity involved – you’re free to put on whatever you like. You just need to find a venue willing to host the event, agree a time and date, write a description and add all the details to an event application form. There’s a venue directory here on our website and the expression of interest form can be completed here.
Please note: filling out the expression of interest form does not confirm your event’s inclusion in the programme, however if it is accepted and you can finalise all details by the 14th March, we’ll prioritise your event for inclusion in the festival and you’ll receive early support in publicising your event in social media & print. However, the final deadline for events is 28 March. We absolutely cannot accept any applications after that date.


Assuming your event is accepted, we’ll include it in our festival programme and on the listings page of our website. If you’ve got photos of your band, artwork, samples of your poetry and so on, please send us photos and links so we can show them off on your behalf. We’re on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Flickr and also send our regular email newsletters about Brockley Max events – so it’s well worth connecting with us on social media and tweeting about Brockley Max and your involvement in it.


Some venues are likely to be putting on events of their own during Brockley Max, so it’s important that you get in touch with them as soon as possible (preferably before the 14 March)  to find out whether you can play or perform there. We’d like your ideas as soon as possible but the final deadline is 28 March.

Featured Artist Opportunity

If you would like to create new work that will need collaboration or support from us beyond the marketing described, we are always very happy to receive ideas. We will be looking for a few exciting and unusual events to become our Featured Artists, who we feature more heavily in all our PR and marketing. In order to make development of ideas practical, please send us ideas and proposals as soon as possible. While we do not currently have funding for this scheme, if there are costs involved that will prohibit you from developing your idea, please include this in your proposal and we may be able to cover small costs or assist you with fundraising.

Taking part in our Opening Night or Art In The Park family day

If you’d like to be on the bill at our Opening Night stage or on the Art In The Park stage, please email   for both stages. If you would like to apply to Art In The Park as a workshop leader, storyteller, performer or any great idea you may have, you’ll need to contact by 14 March.


We are no longer accepting events for this year.

Once your event idea has been accepted you must submit it by 30th March: 

  • Choose a venue from the venue directory (this is not exhaustive)
  • Contact the venue and agree a time and date
  • Write a description of your event including whether it’s suitable for children (and which age groups), the time, date and cost of attending.
  • Then go to the Brockley Max event registration form in complete in full.

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