Figs in Wigs: We, Object

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£5 entry

We, Object is a devised theatre show that uses objects to express our objection to objectification. Taking the form of a bizarre sketch show, five women take you on a strange journey that explores sexual politics in a fresh, absurd and light-hearted way. It begins with a slide show and ends with a dance routine. The middle is somewhat embarrassing and a plethora of miniature props begin to complicate the bigger picture. Figs in Wigs are five women placing themselves in the spotlight, using comedy to highlight something so frequently laughed off. A surreal comedy about feminism. This is not a show about small things.

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  1. Esther Sagi
    Esther Sagi / 6-9-2017 / ·

    Had a brilliant time thank you ladies! Me and my girl lived it… Well worth staying up late on A school night!

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