Textiles Reimagined

Event Details

Venue: The Honor Oak
Time: 6pm – 10pm

Projects Art Factory presents Textiles Reimagined, an all-female exhibition curated by Margherita Nussio and Francesca Budini Gattai, showcasing the works of four international emerging artists. The exhibition explores themes of womanhood, non-conformity, creativity, and multiple identities. Delving into the historical significance of textiles, the artworks pay homage to tradition while pushing the boundaries of contemporary textile art. Each piece weaves narratives that resonate beyond visual perception. Athena Nemah and Maria Wigley use embroidery to challenge stereotypes and infuse traditional techniques with contemporary relevance. Renin Bilginer’s work draws from diverse cultural influences, while Lucrezia Romanello emphasises sustainability in her bold fashion accessories. Textiles Reimagined celebrates diversity in textile art, inviting viewers to reconsider its conventional boundaries and appreciate its transformative power.

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