Brockley Max On The Radio!

Event Details

This event finished on 05 June 2024

Venue: Fox and Firkin
Time: 1pm –  5pm

Brockley Max is teaming up with One Harmony Radio, Brockley’s very own radio station to broadcast live for three days during the festival from the Fox & Firkins garden.

Tune in to hear the best Brockley Max festival highlights and interviews with locals. And in an area packed with so many artists, well deliver some of the best new musical talent from South East London – musicians, DJs and MCs. So, pop down to the Fox & Firkin garden and say hello, do a shout out,  come and chat about your festival event or perform some poetry or play an instrument. Wed love to see you. This is your festival radio station coming live on If you’d like to book a spot to perform, be interviewed or be an interviewer, or if you’d like to help in any way, contact:

Monday’s show is hosted by Yvonne + Maddie. Their theme is “Brockley’s Community Builders through Business and Creativity” and they will be chatting to local businesses and creatives.

Tuesday’s show will be hosted by Luke + Maddie, whose theme is “Community Spirit”. They’ll be chatting to businesses, local musicians, and other pillars of the community to discuss what makes the area so special.

Wednesday’s show is hosted by Kocoa and Lara, with a theme of “Powerful Women”, they’ll be having insightful discussions with some amazing women in the area from all walks of life.

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