Groove Therapy – Day to Night Party

Event Details

Free entry before 2pm then £6-£15 advance tickets

Time: 1pm to 4am

After holding Raves for the past decade and working with London biggest clubs and radio stations we have decided to start a new venture called Groove Therapy. We want to take on the challenge of something completely different to Wavy Garms, exploring new sounds close to home. We have found a amazing open air venue that replicates being in the deep depths of a Festival but in the heart of South London and to put the icing on the cake we have Berghains Panorama bar resident Dj Nick Höppner blessing us with a 4 Hour set taking you on a musical journey. This party for us is the beginning of whats gonna be a magical summer, with a new groove to fit.

Website: Fox & Firkin

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