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Time: 1pm – til late

The very best acoustic music in this open air and indoor special extravaganza with many artists including:

1.00 MARK SAMPSON who volunteered to get up and sing a few of his busking songs at last year’s event when a slot became vacant, he went down so well we’ve put him on to open the bill this year! He also has two fine albums out on local label Deep River Records!

1.30 VIENNA SHILLING sounds like someone you think you’ve heard but somehow completely different as she takes you on a melodic journey of voice harmony and weaving guitar and rhythm.

2.00 NATHAN PERSAD, Deptford resident, is the first mixed race singer songwriter with Asberger’s to release ten self-written, self-produced and self-performed albums. “Genius” – Iain Lee, “Funny as HELL” – Johnny Echols

2.30 SUE HARDING is from Frome, Somerset and she has just delivered easily her best album yet, “Darkling”, do try to catch her here, up to now she hasn’t done many London dates.

3.00 DAMIEN RENOUF is a local legend we all know and love. Those two endearingly beautiful – and a little quirky – albums recorded mainly at home can’t be beat but a promised third, this time with more of a band feel, might well join them and do just that.

3.30 WINSTON SKERRITT His performance last year arrived just at the right moment in the afternoon, a laid-back vibe with some dark undercurrents at times, lovely voice and guitar, reminiscent at times of John Martyn, some said he stole the show!

4.00 CERI JAMES can be full of surprises, expect a fine rendition of the bona fide ‘traditional’ styled folk song he’s written, “Lament For Amy Lyon” as well as some old familiar favourites from his impressive and expanding catalogue.

4.30 BARBARA BARTZ As well as constantly being in demand to play on records of all kinds of genres, our favourite Polish ace session violinist is forging ahead with her own separate performing career as an outlet for all that creativity that would remain stifled in her head, heart and bones were that not to be the case.

5.00 JASON McNIFF From Hastings where he now lives, the return of this astonishing singer songwriter and impeccable and highly individual guitarist who once actually lived in Brockley. His last album “Dust Of Yesterday” received some of the best reviews he’s had in a career that thus far spans this century. Expect similar plaudits when his rather special covers album, “Tonight We Ride” is released on June 22nd.

5.40 THE KITCHEN DRINKERS Our good friend with all those inspired podcasts during the lockdown, Mike Perrett, from The Dog Roses, accompanied by Sally George dips his toes into the vast wide stream that is folk music.


6.50 ROB CORCORAN London based Irish singer songwriter who wowed everyone and Christy Moore with his first album is about to unleash a second, “Grand Declarations”, those who have been lucky to obtain a copy already and have heard it enthuse it’s the equal of his first with some great new songs, a few hopefully will be sung here! Fingers crossed.

7.30 FLOGAN are Miriam Hogan currently making waves with Jole Blon and Flaky Jake involved with various collaborations over the years, most recently, the impressive No Strings Attached. Booked after seeing the duo just once at The Dog And Bell. Originals and well chosen covers.

8.10 SIOBHAN PARR and RICK BATEY The finest female exponent this side of the pond of what I lazily describe as country soul folk, all rolled into one with more than a dash of the blues. Superb renditions of well-chosen classic covers from the duo as well as Siobhan’s own brilliantly original songs, one of which, “Devils Come Clean”, if pushed, she may sing, certainly a song for these times. Rick, from the much-missed Shedload of Love, on lead guitar, is admirable and humble in his role as Ms. Parr’s right-hand man.

8.50 GABRIEL MORENO, South London resident, poet and songwriter and now official ambassador for Gibraltar, what an accolade! Since last year Gabriel has now released his fourth underground hit in a row, an album of songs written during the lockdown and called “The Year Of The Rat”, I’ll just add as well as the great music inside it sports a brilliant cover, deemed to be classic. Most likely Gabriel will be joined by two Quivering Poets. Either way, it will be great!!

9.30 DAVE SUTHERLAND It’s also the year of the Dave! The most well-known troubadour in these quarters, much loved by us all, with a string of superb albums culminating in his latest, “Last Drop Of Empty” which has been winning rave reviews here and also heralded in the States. Produced by Grammy Award winning producer Stacy Parrish and Hot Tuna’s Jack Casady, it’s done well in the specialist charts even spawning a hit single, “Damaged”!

Wickham Arms - Brockley

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