Brockley Max is all of a Twitter

We are taking to Twitter to host Shaping Brockley – an exploration of the future of our cities – in conjunction with our headline sponsors Shape Real Estate. It is being held at 7pm on Tuesday 31st May.

Here’s the thing. The world is undergoing mass urbanisation at an unprecedented rate. It is predicted that in the next 35 years, we will need to build a city the size of London every month (!) to accommodate urban population growth. This raises key questions about thetypes of cities we should build, the impact of their design on people’s lives and what can bedone to foster communities, like ours.

We’ve invited experts from the fields of regeneration and renewal, architecture, urban design, historic building preservation and real estate to debate the subject on Twitter. The broad range of views they bring to the table will certainly make for an interesting discussion.

The panel:

Riccardo Dawson – Head of Brand & Marketing at Shape Real Estate

Joe O’Donnell – Media Officer at The Victorian Society and Trustee of Lewisham Buildings Preservation Trust

Dieter Kleiner – Director/Architect at RCKa. RIBA London Emerging Architect 2014

Jonathan Keegan – Director of Bryan & Keegan Estate Agents

Voon Fui Lai – Senior Associate at Gensler

Robert Park – Independent Architect

Coral Sellers – Senior Architect at Gruff Limited

The topics:

We thought we’d whet your appetite with a preview of what will be discussed.

1. [#ShapBrocQ1] Thoughts on the current rate at which we are building homes.

2. [#ShapBrocQ2] How can we ensure local people are better involved in the planning process so they can influence public and private services, spaces and buildings?

3. [#ShapBrocQ3] How do you build a community once you have built a city?

4. [#ShapBrocQ4] How is the 2016 millennial lifestyle affecting the way we design and build homes? What do millennials really need in their homes?

5. [#ShapBrocQ5] What does this all mean for communities like Brockley? What is the impact?

Please note the hashtags (in the brackets). Use these to plug into whichever discussion threads take your interest and, indeed, to join in the conversation yourself. Wherever you are. See you in the Twittersphere! Follow us on @BrockleyMax.