Look Back & Interact: 10+ Years of Brockley Max Festival Photos

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This event finished on 06 June 2015

Brockley Max is now in its 14th year and the area has changed quite a lot over that time. So, too, have the events that shape the festival.

Come and see just how much Brockley and our local festival have changed – or even share your photos of past events with us all.

Throughout this year’s Brockley Max we’re holding the Look Back And Interact exhibition at The Ladywell Gallery. You’ll be able to look at photos of your choosing, tag and ‘favourite’ those that appeal and add your own comments. You can contribute your own photos of events during Brockley Max 2015 and help the exhibition evolve. You can even tweet your photos of Brockley Max events during the festival and they will be added to the exhibit in real time.

For full instructions of how to take part see ‘Take part in our photo exhibition‘.

At the end of the festival we’ll reveal the shortlist of the 10 most popular photos and get everyone to vote for the overall winning shot.

The Martini Encounter singers

The Martini Encounter perform at Brockley Max Opening Night 2014
Copyright photo by Rick Colls / REX

Salsa Night Brockley Max

Salsa Night at Rivoli Ballroom during Brockley Max