Brockley Max Opening Night

Design The Brockley Max Cover Competition

Brockley Max is looking for a super-talented artist to design the front cover of this year's festival programme. The contest is only open to pupils who live in or go to secondary school in the borough of Lewisham, but that's actually quite a few people, so competition is set to be fierce! There are three art prizes up for grabs, with a top prize worth £30. Of course, you also get the kudos of your artwork appearing on the festival programme (a pretty good entry for your portfolio) where it will be seen and admired by thousands of people.

Your brief, should you choose to accept it, is to produce an A5 portrait cover design (152mm x 216mm). This includes a 'bleed' of 3mm all around, so the design goes right to the edges. Leave a 6cm x 8cm square for the logo and dates and a 3cm tall bar next to it for the words 'Festival Programme'. We might also need to add logos from our funders at the very bottom, so make sure there's nothing too detailed down there as it might get covered up.

Remember that the focus of Brockley Max is as a community arts festival, celebrating and including artists, performers and audiences of all ages and from lots of different backgrounds. It needs to appeal to everyone!

Louis Masai - Brockley Street Art - Beecroft Garden Primary School
Opening Night - Band

You can use any medium you wish - graphics, photography, montage, but it must have a clear link to the festival and the area. Check out our website for inspiration.

It's a tough brief, but we know you can do it, so show us just how creative and imaginative you are. Remember, it needs to be friendly, engaging and inspiring.

Good luck!

The deadline is Sunday 18th April - the last day of the Easter holidays. Submit your finished artwork  & complete this form and make sure you upload a jpg with your name and email address in the jpg’s title otherwise we won’t know who sent it.