Al fresco films and masses of music

Friday night at Brockley Max is the perfect way to let your hair down. Get stuck in to the festival-themed Music Geek Monthly at The Ladywell Gallery from 7.30pm and share your thoughts about the latest albums and bands. Tell your fellow music aficionados why your favourite summer album is the best – and be prepared for a lively discussion over an ale or two at the Brockley Brewery Music and Beer Festival which is taking place all week adjacent to the gallery in The Ladywell Tavern.

From 8pm you’ll be able to groove along to Ladywell Tavern regulars The New Jazzmags as they transport you back to the swinging 60s.

Over at The Talbot from 10pm Weird Sleeping Kittens mix harmonies and acid folk to harmonious effect while Jam Circus hosts a night of hip-hip, r ‘n’ b and ragga courtesy of Days Of Future Past kicking off at 8.30pm.

Film fans should flock to Hilly Fields for the free outdoor cinema we like to call Brockleywood Nights. This popular event showcases locally-made short films and is bookended by music DJed by Polar Bears Can Dance from 8pm and a DJ set with live projected illustration by Nikolai Kozin of Brockley Street Art Festival.

The films themselves start from 9pm when it’s dark enough to see them on the outdoor screen. Highlights include an animation narrated by Oscar winner Samantha Morton, award-winning shorts by local filmmakers and the premiere of a dance film, some of which was shot in the Brockley area. The Brockley Brewery Bar will up on Hilly Fields and serving Brockley beers throughout the evening.

Days Of Future Past poster

Days Of Future Past serve up hip-hop, ragga and jungle at Jam Circus

Nikolai Kozin installation

Nikolai Kozin will project art installations live on the big screen at Brockleywood Nights
Photo: Nikolai Kozin Art

Brockley Max film night Brockleywood Nights, 2011

Brockley Max film night Brockleywood Nights, 2011